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Do you have questions regarding instant purchase of your property? We have the answers

Sale of your property is a life event that will not repeat itself very often. It is therefore very important to know about it as much as possible. The more information about the property purchase you have, the more certain you can be that you are making the right decision. We know from our experience that our clients appreciate the comfort of instant cash payment or bank transfer whilst minimising the stress, waiting time and worries.
We have prepared the answers for all the questions that we get asked most often.

Who is the instant property sale suitable for?

Instant property sale is designed for clients who want to make the sale of their property as quick and hassle-free as possible. They prefer not to sell the property themselves or through an estate-agent.
They prefer not having to meet many estate-agents or potential buyers. Our services are very often used by clients who are about to face, or are already facing a repossession of their home or they need to pay off their debts in shortest time possible. Unlike most property buyers, we are not afraid of your debts and we are ready to face even more complicated legal cases. It is often the case that a client finds a new property and needs to sell his old one very fast. Our company can buy your property instantly! In case of good location and condition of the property we can pay up to 100% of the market price.

Can an instant sale be financially beneficial?

Considering the current property market situation, an instant property purchase by OUR COMPANY can be beneficial for the client. Our company buys properties depending on the market situation, for the highest price possible, instantly and confidentially. You won’t have to negotiate the terms of sale because we will instantly pay you the agreed price and we will take care of all the legal tasks associated with the sale of property. Your property won’t be advertised on any web portals and nobody will bother you with the viewings. When facing a repossession it is wiser to sell the property instantly, even for less than its market price, as you are risking to lose up to 40% percent of its value if being repossessed.

There are many reasons why choosing the instant sale is a beneficial choice. The biggest advantage remains the fact that we offer instant payment for your property!

How do we determine the selling price of your property?

It is based on the market value of your property and the current state of the real estate market, as identified by our staff in cooperation with chartered property surveyors and on the basis of cooperation with the best estate brokers. Our company will buy properties from Slovak and foreign clients. Depending on demand, our company will pay the maximum possible selling price between 70 and 100% of the market price. In case your property is in a more remote location, poor condition or being renovated, the percentage may be lower. However, if it is a standard well presented property in a good location, we usually pay between 80% and 100% of its market price. We can only determine the final price after the viewing has been conducted and after we have learned all the legal information about the given property.

What can happen if I ignore my financial problems?

You would be surprised how far this can get. You can read all about it on this dedicated page.

Is selling your home for cash safe?

The legal safety is guaranteed by a renowned solicitor.

What types of property can be sold instantly?

We buy all types of property, predominantly flats, land and family houses, regardless of location, condition or price.

How fast can I sell my property?

In case there is no debts associated with your property and it is in a tidy legal condition and you provide all the required documents, the purchase can be completed within 24 hours.

What if there is a debt secured against my property?

In case there is a debt secured against your property, your property is facing repossession or an auction, we can still help you! We will pay off all your debts and our company will manage the entire communication with all the relevant authorities to prevent the worst case scenario – your property being auctioned and sold for the lowest price! We will pay off all your debts and we will find the solution that will be much more beneficial than your current situation.

What documents will you require?

We can obtain the majority of required documents ourselves and our team will help you with everything else.

In order to prepare a Contract of Purchase, we will need the following:
Certificate of ownership, the contract by which you gained the ownership of the property – contract of purchase, inheritance certificate
In case of land and family homes – screenshot of the map from the land registry or town planning scheme or planning permission etc.
In case of a collateral to a bank or third party – credit, pignorative contract, loan agreement
In case of repossession – exactly stated amount of debt, all available paperwork from a repossession officer

Will there be any photos of my property online?

No, there will be no photos of your property anywhere. Not online, not in the print media. You will talk through everything with our agent and the whole transaction will be confidential. We respect our clients` privacy! All information will be subject to the agreement of confidentiality.

Do you have any other question?

We are awera of the necessity to me informed about everything when selling your home for cash. Please, feel free to contact us personally. You can call us, email us or visit us in Bratislava.

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