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How it works.

How does the process of an instant purchase work

Even though every property purchase is different, we can break down the usual process into following steps. It will help you understand how does such a purchase of your property or land work. You will be familiar with the entire process which is very fast and simple, but which nonetheless deserves your full attention. The order of the following steps may vary depending on circumstances of each client.
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Contact us

You can contact our staff anytime between 8:0 and 18:00 on the phone number 0903 484 622 or by email on Our staff have many years` experience in real-estates and they will be ready to answer all your questions and provide all information necessary. Upon your approval, they will arrange a viewing of your property.


Analysis of client`s requirements

During an appointment with you we will analyze all your requirements and objectives. Client shall provide all the necessary documentation for us to look into. Our representative will carry out the viewing of the client’s property and examine the documents. We will discuss the individual steps necessary in order to pay off client`s lenders, mortgage debt etc.

We will consider the client’s situation and will propose the most optimal solution. The exact process of solving your situation may differ according to whether you are interested in selling your property instantly, whether you are facing a potential auction of your property or whether you are not able to sell your property fast enough and for a desired price. It is advisable to bring all the paperwork and documents related to your property and debts along to the viewing.


Property Valuation

Following the analysis of all information about the property we will propose a price offer to the client. Valuation of the property is always based on the market value of the property. The most usual rates of price paid for your property are approximately 90-95% of its market value.
The price we are able to offer you depends on the current market situation and on level of investors` demand for the type of property you own. Property in an original condition does not mean a lower price offer. It is not an exception to offer you even 100% of the market value of your property.

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Preparation of documents, signing the agreement and money transfer

Following our mutual verbal agreement, in cooperation with a solicitor, we shall prepare all the necessary documents. Amongst the most commonly used types of agreements are Contract of Sale, Contract of Intent to purchase, agreement of pledge, exclusive listing agreement etc. Visit us in our offices in Buisness Centre EUROVEA and we will sign the agreement, explain all terms and conditions of purchase, pay off the debts associated with the property and pay you the selling price of your property in cash or by a bank transfer.


Special offer

Our company understands all the aspects and difficulties associated with selling a property and with moving. If you are interested we can offer and in cooperation with real-estate agencies find a temporary or permanent home for you or assist you with buying a new property or offer you one of the properties from our portfolio of instantly purchased properties.

What documents will you need?

Most commonly required documents are: certificate of ownership, the contract by which you gained the ownership of the property – purchase agreement, inheritance certificate

In case of land and family homes – screenshot of the map from the land registry or town planning scheme or planning permission.
In case of a collateral to a bank or third party – credit contract, pignorative contract, loan agreement.
In case of repossession – exactly stated amount of debt, all available paperwork from a repossession officer.

Frequently asked questions

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I have to admit the sale of my apartment was quick and without andy problems. My former real-estate agency was selling it for almost a year without results. That is why I said ‘stop’ and decided to sell the house for cash.
Eduard N., business owner
I was glad that I found because they treated me well. Their representatives were nice and answered all my questions proactively.
Jozef J., laywer
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