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We buy property for cash.

All you need to know about instant property sale

Instant property sale is what you are looking for

If you need cash for your property immediately, or you can`t wait any longer for your estate-agent to find a buyer for your property, instant sale is the best option for you. With the help of our company you will get rid of all your problems, stress and worries.

  • We will buy your property immediately
  • We pay off your debtse pay off your debts
  • 100% confidentiality
  • We take care of all the paperwork
  • Everything will be conducted under the supervision of a lawyer

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cash for selling home in Bratislava
Get to know the facts

Get to know the facts

People wrongly believe that in the times of financial crisis 100% of properties will sell. Only in Bratislava there are 3000 vacant flats. Average time needed to sell a property in Slovakia is 4 months providing the price is set correctly and efficient marketing is implemented. Another 50 days is needed to finalize all the administrative and legal tasks.
In reality, if you want to count on money from the property sale, you need to be prepared to wait for about 6 months. Above all, average commission for real-estate broker is 3% or more. It means that for a property sold for 100 000 EUR, 3600 EUR will represent broker’s commission. And this will take the already mentioned 6 months.

We buy properties immediately – that way you have the money available immediately.

What will happen if you do not act on your problems?

We often meet people who do not realize the seriousness of their situation. They let their financial problems escalate too far and are later unpleasantly surprised.

What can surprise you

  • Fees for late payments
  • Repossession
  • Auction
  • Legal fees
  • Repossession fees

Read about what can ignoring the problems lead to.

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Do you need advice about instant sale of your property?

We will gladly answer all your questions regarding instant property sale.

Read the stories of our clients that could be similar to yours

A family moves to another home

Mr. John P. bought a spacious 3-bedroom apartment in a newly built apartment building in the centre of Bratislava in 2007, during the times of financial independence and prosperity. He committed to paying his mortgage. Unfortunately, his financial circumstances worsened so much that he had became unable to keep up with the mortgage payments and he got himself in serious debt. He hired 3 real-estate agencies to sell his flat. 4 months later, the flat was not selling. He then contacted our company. We had bought the flat for 95% of the market price and moved the whole family to our same-sized flat with a little garden. He subsequently bought this flat from our company under very favourable terms.
‘We were very happy with the provided services. At one point we had been scared of repossession but a week later we successfully moved to a new flat – it was a bit further away from the city centre but it had a little garden and was of the same high-standard as our previous flat. We were also left with enough money to pay off our debts.’

Changing home for a young family

A young married couple decided to buy a new flat in Bratislava. They put down the 5000 EUR deposit. Unfortunately, payment of the remaining amount depended on the sale of their old apartment. They only had 3 months to sell it. They had not managed to sell the apartment at the price they wanted and nearly lost their deposit on the new flat. We contacted the developer and agreed on extending the time limit. We paid the agreed purchase price for the apartment.
“It is priceless to know with certainty that someone is going to buy a flat from you. Prior to selling to We lost a lot of time and nerves dealing with buyers who were only wasting our time.”

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Why should you consider selling your property?

Real-estate agency may not be the solution

Selling with a real-estate agency is usually a time consuming process but you need the money right now. Photos of your property may be seen all over the internet.

Advantages of selling to us:

  • you get your money instantly
  • confidentiality guaranteed
  • clear terms

Getting rid of debts and avoiding repossession

People often find themselves in a very complicated financial situation full of debts. Their lives can be very stressful when the bailiffs knock on the door.

By selling your property you will solve:

  • we will pay off your debts
  • we will buy the property for the highest price possible
  • legal security

Changing homes

Many of our clients are changing homes but are short of cash. They can not afford to wait until the property sells using the conventional methods, that’s why they choose to sell instantly.

Advantages of instant sale of your property:

  • you will obtain funds necessary for buying a new property
  • we will cancel the commission from the price of your new home when buying from our partner estate-agencies

Read the latest testimonials from our clients

I inherited a property far away from where I live. I tried to sell it through some real-estate agencies, but most of them only wanted extortionate commissions and they advertised my flat on various websites. Subsequently, was recommended to me. Within a week the money was in my account and I did not have to go to town constantly.
Katarína P., retired
My financial problems were caused by my reckless behaviour. Phone calls from bailiffs and lenders become a daily occurrence. After considering my options, I decided to sell my flat to Everything went exactly as we agreed. Considering my situation, I was satisfied with their services.
Jozef M., public sector employee

How does it work

We know from our experience that it is very important for our client to be familiar with the process of purchase. Purchase of your property is usually done in succession of the following steps:

  • You contact us by phone or email
  • We will analyze your requirements and offer you the best solution
  • We will valuate your property
  • We will prepare all necessary documents, sign the agreement and pay out your money
  • If necessary, we will arrange a temporary or permanent home and offer other additional services

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