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Avoid repossession and debts.

How can you avoid repossession? How not to lose your property? How can you get out of debts?

In everyone’s life a situation may arise, where a person has to deal with financial issues of smaller or larger proportions. If you own a property, it is very likely that your property will be in the centre of attention of bailiffs and debt collectors. In such case you should begin to act immediately, because the longer you ignore the issues, the worse will the situation become.
Slovakia is a pretty tough place when it comes to repossession and debt collection. In a dispute with the repossession officers or a debt collectors, people usually get the short end of the stick. Most people do not know their rights or possible ways of using the law in their favour. The other side knows these in every detail and will use them without any hesitation. It is difficult to defend oneself against established companies and specialised institutions aimed at taking people’s cash and property.

You do not want to lose 60% of the value of your property (this can happen in Slovakia)

Few people realize how will their case end if it results in a repossession and auction of their properties. Almost none of our satisfied clients knew that it is not uncommon to lose up to 60% percent of the value of their property. This is an alarmingly high number and it should motivate everyone in debt to act immediately.

How can it be possible to receive 90 000 EUR for a 3-bedroom flat in Bratislava that has market value of 150 000 EUR? The following example scenario illustrates a very common case:

Your professional life becomes complicated and in order to overcome the difficult period of time, you borrowed money against your home in Bratislava, which at the time of taking the loan was worth about 150 000 EUR. Paying off the loan did not go as you imagined as your situation at work did not improve and above all you had to deal with serious family problems. Your debt began to grow not only by the unpaid repayments and interest, but also by late repayment charges and penalties. Your lender decided not to wait and passed your case on to a repossession officer. He could freeze all your accounts, and having to pay the repossession fees your debt will continue to grow even further. The following step was the auctioning of your home where another charges are paid to the auction company. At the auction, your property sold for just 70% of its real value.

The total sum of all the fees and charges can easily reach 20% of the value of the property. In the end you were left with 75 000 EUR which is just 50% of the value of the property. Your life has changed completely and you are now looking for a new home but of a completely different standard.

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How can you effectively solve your problems (or how to get 90% of your property value in 24 hours)

Our mission is not to scare you but to offer an elegant, quick and financially viable solution to your situation when the stakes are high. Instant sale of your property is an efficient way to get out of debt and get the most from the value of your property, thus allowing you to focus on making other important steps in your life. You will immediately stop occurring late payment fees and all other associated charges.

We specialize in instant property purchase and our results speak thousand words. Unlike other similar companies, we offer our clients up to 90% of the value of their properties. Considering the current situation on the property market in Slovakia and all the risks associated with such business, this is the absolute maximum we can offer. The following example shows what would have happened if you decided to sell the property yourself or through a real-estate agency.

You decided to sell the property yourself. You are expecting to get the full price for it. You are not sure what is involved in this process and you do not have the legal knowledge that can be crucial when selling your property. You need to create a sale and purchase agreement and visit many institutions to process a lot of paperwork. Amongst many, we can mention land and property register, county court etc. This cost time and money.

You are not aware of the fact the average selling time of a property in Bratislava is 4 months. You do not know that this is the time needed when hiring a professional estate agent to manage the sale of your property. If you decide to do everything yourself, it will take you considerably longer than that. If a real-estate agency sells your house, expect them to take 3-5% comission from the selling price. To sum it up, in a typical case you will get 95% of the value of your property in 4 months time, during which you have meut a number of potential clients, exchange 90 emails and make 150 phone calls to your estate agent. You lived in stress for 4 months, your debt was growing and the situation was getting more and more complicated by the day. You had no certainty that your property will even sell at all. And this can only happen if you can afford to wait 4 months, which most people in a dire financial situation can not.

In the end the entire deal fell through as the potential buyer got scared away by your debts or was not able to pay off your debts because he needed the funds from a bank and did not have the cash himself.

For the majority of people, instant property sale is the ideal solution and the way out of their personal financial crisis. As our client, you will receive the complete package of legal and business services in order to immediately solve your financial situation.

In case you are facing repossession and court orders to pay money, we will immediately pay off all of these. The entire process of sale will be supervised by a solicitor who will also protect your best interests. After completion of the entire procedure, you will once again become a financially independent person with the cash worth up to 90% of the value of your property. This will open a new door and allow you to embark on a new stage of your life.

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We are here for you

If you would like to discuss your circumstances with a professional, call us on 02 208 610 30. We will be happy to advise you and arrange an appointment. Following a viewing of your property we will give you a price offer and you can have up to 90% of the market price of your property in your account in less than 24 hours.

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